A Note from the Chapter Founder

The idea for the North Austin Chapter started by a simple phone call to Paige Polishook, my dear friend and confidant. Both Paige and I were interested in joining NCL, however, there were only 4 chapters in Austin in 2012 and the interest from other families in the Austin area to join was overwhelming. I asked Paige to partner with me to start a new chapter in Austin. She agreed and from there, I sought out strong leaders and representatives from the Leander and Round Rock ISD to form the North Austin Board of Directors and they were:


Susie Reiter                  President (2013-2015)

Paige Polishook            VP Philanthropy (2013-2014)/

                                      President Elect (2014- 2015)

Sherry Lass                  VP Membership (2013-2015)

Kerri Ball                      VP Ticktockers (2013-2015)

Rhona Hsu                   VP Philanthropy (2014-2016)

Michelle Long               VP Patroness Activities (2013-2015)

Stefanie Zoller              VP Communications (2013-2015)

Laurie Evans                Secretary (2013-2014)

Sandra Grosvenor        Secretary (2014-2015)

Kathleen Pasquarette   Treasurer (2013-2015)

Carol Osborne              Parliamentarian (2013-2015)

Mary Healy                   Expansion Chapter Advisor (2013-2015)


These women that became our Board of Directors came from many different backgrounds. Some were leaders in the professional community and held roles of Vice Presidents from various companies and others were mothers with strong leadership skills that were the professional volunteers for their children’s school and community. With the various backgrounds, these women came together as a force to execute the NCL Mission of fostering the Mother/Daughter relationship through leadership, philanthropy and cultural experience. It was a privilege to serve with these women and such an empowering experience. I am proud to call these women friends and co-founders of the North Austin Chapter. What a beautiful legacy we leave behind as role models for our daughters and empowering insightful experiences for the future Mothers and Daughters who become active members of the North Austin Chapter.

Yours truly,

Susie M. Reiter

President, Susie Reiter, and President Elect, Paige Polishook,

holding the President’s gavel

Board of Directors 2013-2014

Board of Directors  2014-2015

Board of Directors 2015-2016

Board of Directors 2018-2019

NCL North Austin Presidents (from left to right)

Susie Reiter (Founder) 2013-2015; Paige Polishook 2015-2016 (not shown); Kathleen Pasquarette 2016-2017; Michelle McElrath 2017-2018; Rhona Hsu 2018-2019; Danielle Hartman 2019-2020